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Vendas: Tubos de Cobre, Latão e Cuproniquel. Ligas Cobre-Cromo, Cobre-Cromo-Zirconio, Cobre-Manganes,
Cobre-Ferro, Cobre-Silicio.

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Isotubos metals is a Brazilian company specializing in Wire Drawing, Casting and Extrusion of Copper and its alloys. It is organized to provide its customers quality solutions and responding to their expectations.

Since its foundation has been working heavily in the development of business links with their clients, seeking continuous improvements in our products, processes and employees transparency of our actions.

The Isotubos metals is certified in the quality system ISO - 9001 and holds a Business Management System ERP, Microsiga to better serve its customers.


The copper pipes are increasingly sought after and used in various types of industries and buildings for their electrical characteristics, thermal and mechanical properties. Whether in homes or businesses, they reduce costs and deadlines for submitting various diameters and thicknesses, allowing them to other large pieces.

Copper tubes are present in all market sectors, is fundamental to modern life, are reliable and secure, since the unions always maintains the stability and the possibility of leakage is almost zero. Their maintenance is much lower than in other types of tube and his life is incalculable.

There are several reasons why it is advisable to opt for these tubes:

Its durability, since copper does not corrode with water or air.

Its flexibility, since this type of tube is fully modeled, allowing unions, folds and easy installation.

Its ease of transport, is light.

Its corrosion almost zero, since it is resistant to any kind of chemical.

Your Diversity, has endless possibilities and numerous advantages for use hydraulics.

Copper is 100% recyclable and about 38% of the metal we use today comes from sources that have been recycled. Copper can be recycled without losing its quality.

This mode is used in the manufacture of air conditioning, hydraulic network and gas, solar heating systems, valves, condensers, evaporators, compressors, refrigerators, freezers, refrigerators and balconies, heat exchangers, pumps, boilers, furnaces and heaters water etc..

Given the severe operating conditions which may be submitted by the construction materials for process equipment, copper and its alloys are extremely useful for its excellent corrosion resistance against a wide variety of process fluids.


They are manufactured with a known composition in accordance with international standards are accepted by any regulation of hydraulic systems.

Do not burn or spread flame, and do not produce toxic gases. So do not propagate the fire and do not produce volatile organic compounds in the installation.

Can be united with capillary connections that can save material and produce associations smooth, clean, strong and free of leaks.

They are very malleable and can be bent and shaped in various ways, and to adjust to any shape or angle.

They are flexible, which is very important in projects of different activities.

Finally, the combination of management, flexibility, strength and easy union saves time, material and costs. The long-term performance and reliability, do be an ideal material for pipes and economic.


A variety of alloy brass tubes allow the production of pipes for various purposes.

Brass tubes are used for general mechanical machining, valve guides, bushings for leaf springs in the automotive industry for the manufacture of washers and bushings, valves, ornaments, musical instruments, gas piston and nozzle agricultural sprayers, nuts bearings, automotive and so on.


The 90/10 copper-nickel tubes are especially suitable for heat exchangers that work in salt or corrosive environment.



With a chromium content of around 0.8% to 1.2%, has excellent mechanical properties with a hardness of up to 80 HRB and electrical conductivity of 80 to 85% IACS, is used as electrodes for electrical resistance welding , toggle switches, connectors and mechanical engineering is required where mechanical strength and high thermal conductivity as in the case of molds.

League recommended for high production welding to the point and sewing materials in clean, covered, carbon steel SAE 1010 to 1070, low alloy steels, and used in the manufacture of structural components, conductors of electrical current, welding clamps, mounting electrodes, bushings, etc.


Same indication of copper chromium alloy, but with greater resistance to wear in welding.


This alloy contains from 0.1 to 0.25% zirconium, has high resistance to softening, we can handle your cold forming up to 90% strain. Compared to copper chromium alloy, independent of the state has lower mechanical strength, but higher electrical conductivity around 90% IACS. This alloy is recommended for welding steel plate covered as zinc, tin, zinc or copper.


League arrays used in projection welding spot welding, butt, seamless stainless steel bushings main routes of electric currents, electrode holders Heavy-duty steel and high carbon content, can be used both as cast and worked.


League applied where it requires strength and in particular high yield stress and fatigue, is applied to the manufacture of springs instruments, thin and flexible cables, components of electric switches, relays, electrical and electronic components in general and even in mechanical engineering: valves, pump components and machines for resistance welding, top to top, seam.

All materials will be provided in the form of wire: in round bars, square, rectangular, hexagonal:

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